Will, Sam & Fam – {family photo rockwall}

What a fun and active session this was!  Anytime two little boys are in the mix, things are gonna be interesting.  We had a perfect session with these two little guys….. and caught so many moments that I think will be treasured for a lifetime!

As I told my hubby the other day, time is flying by so quickly.  I already cannot even pick up or hold my 7 year old.  I mean, like 50+ pounds is just too much for me!  I often feel like the days are just passing me by!

My husband, like many other dads, is not really excited when I tell him I’ve booked an upcoming family photo shoot.  Most of the time, it’s us women or moms who are more likely to be the one interested in this type of thing.  But….. I reminded him, “One day, they will not hold our hands, let us throw them up in the air, kiss and hug on them, be tickled, or even maybe want to be SEEN with us.  We need to document this time like NOW because things aren’t slowing down anytime soon!”  And, he agreed.  So what did I do?  Well, I looked for a fellow photographer that I admired.  Naturally, I am about as picky as they come when it’s time for me to hire someone!  Lots of people ask me, “Who does shoots for you?”  Well, just like anyone else out there, I hire someone!  🙂

So anyway, here’s to playing with your kiddos and hiring someone to capture it for you.  Times they are a changin!

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