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Today I wanted to show a couple ideas for decorating your home with photography. In general, it seems like most people are a bit nervous about putting anything too big on their walls. They’re also concerned about cost. I totally understand. Some people will freak out more over holes in their walls rather than holes in their wallet, and vice versa! I am a pretty conservative spender myself & can way over-think decorating stuff, but I’m also very visual. Anything that can help me imagine how these images will look in my house without making a huge commitment with my wallet or my walls is a plus.

I guess the first thing I think when I see something like this at someone’s house or on Pinterest is, “Wow, I love that…. I WANT that!”  Of course, I am the photographer and I know exactly HOW to get these pieces and what all my options are…. hmmm, would I like to do canvas gallery wraps, metallic float wraps, or maybe frames?  And then where do I want to get the frames if I go that route?  Order them through my custom framing vendor?  Or maybe shop around and see if I can catch a deal (which will take me way longer & possibly drive me completely nuts if I have to drag my kids around to do this).  And where would this look best in my house & would this layout fit the scale of that space?  Will the colors in the images coordinate with what I’ve already got in the room?

Lots of decisions to make, right?

But anyway, most of y’all reading this are NOT the photographer and you may be like me thinking, “Oooo, love this, want this, how do I get it and how much will it cost?”  And that right there folks, is part of my job!!

So just take a peek at these below and keep reading if you want to know more!

BELOW :::  above the mantle display…. couple of larger sizes, one panoramic and two smaller 8x10s  (read : SMALLER).

rockwall photographer

An 8×10 is a really popular size right? Well, here’s how it would look above the mantle:
rockwall photographer

Don’t know about y’all, but this looks a bit puny to me!

Ok, well let’s say you have a smaller space to deal with. You have a blank area above the foyer table by your front door. Here’s something that fits perfectly and will get plenty of ooooohs and ahhhhhhs when everyone walks in your home. Plus it sets the tone for your home…. personalizes it…. and just brings color & life in.

rockwall photographer

Got more room than that? Maybe a buffet or console table? Go BIGGER & BOLDER…  promise it will make you smile every time you walk by!

rockwall photographer

Ok, well if you’ve made it all the way down here and are still reading, you might be wondering about prices and the best way to go about using the images from your session for something like what you’ve seen. And that is where I come in – to help you make decisions regarding which images flow the best together & why – what fits in your space – what type of product fits your style & your home – and what fits within your budget.

I will also say if you are pretty sure you want to do a wall display following your session, your best bet cost-wise is my TRADITIONAL package instead of the digital.
The traditional package starts with a session fee, but then allows you to purchase exactly what you want after that.  You are putting your money towards something that will last far longer than the $1200 sofa you just bought and your images won’t sit around on a disc for the next 10 years while you wonder what to do with them!

AND you can even add 1, 5, 10 or all the digital files to your purchase if you’d like.

Ok, enough from me!  I hope everyone has a great weekend & I’ll be back next week with plenty of new posts from all these crazy fall sessions I’ve had lately!

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