The White House – {longview photographer}

WARNING! Tons of photos in this post. I got some new software that allows me to quickly put my images into these collages and IT.IS.ON. Seriously, it makes getting a post up here so easy now.

Also, not only photos of my kids, but lots of words about them too!  Do not keep reading if this doesn’t interest you (who’s still here…. Mom?)  Everyone else… You’ve been warned!

Ok, so story behind these photos.  My dad is a realtor in Longview, TX, and had the opportunity to buy this 1937 East Texas mansion.  It sits on 10 acres right in the heart of downtown.  It has lots of original woodwork, windows, and just so much character.  It really reminds me of Tara in Gone with the Wind (fave book and movie of all time!)  Maybe that is another reason I like it so much.  It’s actually for sale now, as restoring old homes just isn’t my dad’s specialty.  If you might be interested in it, don’t ask me about it, because I don’t want him to sell it.  LOL.

I guess I kind of like history. Or at least like knowing the stories behind things that are historic. And one thing that is interesting to me is that this house was built during The Great Depression, when most of the US was really struggling.  Yet, someone had the money to build not only a new house, but a very large, fancy new house with lots of detailing.  Most likely the family was part of the East Texas Oil Boom, which would explain the opulence during dire economic times.

OK I KNOW…. I WRITE TOO MUCH…. but I’ll keep going anyway.

If this was in in Rockwall or even within 30 mins of Rockwall, I would totally buy this place and turn it in to my studio!  But since it’s not and it will have new owners at some point (who probably won’t want me traipsing all through their house with my camera), I wanted to take advantage of this empty, historic home.

I shot this the week of Thanksgiving, when there was some fall color change.  My boys always go thru stages where they’re REALLY super into something for a while.  Coincidentally, at this point in time, they were all really into drawing with markers.  And… specifically, drawing houses.  So, in my head I said “this is meant to be” and so I drug my dad, mom, hubby, and kids over to this chilly, empty house so I could get my creative “fix”.

I started with my oldest…. he is 8.5.  He likes to have time by himself, is a little more serious than his brothers, very picky about his things, works diligently on his projects, is very affectionate, will wear whatever I lay out for him, has the only brown eyes in our family, and hair so thick that water beads up and rolls right off of it.  I feel like he is probably a lot like me at times.  He is an all-A student and his teachers tell me he is well-liked and gets along with everyone. He also can get pretty silly.  But it is his more serious, cerebral side that I wanted to capture here.  He is the reason I have a photography business and this blog.  My original muse.

photo jewels rockwall

The middle boy at newly 6 years old. A while back, I had to look up characteristics of middle children because in my family, there was no middle. It was just me and my brother, and I wondered what was typical for a child sandwiched between two others.  The biggest word that popped out to me in what I read was “peacemaker”.  Now, #2 certainly has his moments, but a peacemaker he is.  He is very shy with strangers, does not like attention in large groups, has a totally infectious laugh, is a natural athlete, loves to learn, and dotes on his baby brother.  He definitely is the caretaker between my 3 boys.  All his life he has been told how cute he is with his blonde waves (which used to be tight, spiral curls).  He shares willingly, and shows concern when someone might be hurt or have their feelings hurt.  He is the pickiest eater and will not eat cheese, unless it’s pizza.  His teachers tell me he is quiet, polite, and easy to have in class.  He’s also obsessed with numbers and amazes us with his math skills!  Safe to say he does NOT get that part from me.
photo jewels rockwallAnd the little man at 2.5.  Whew, this one is a little fireball.  He is fun, funny, and outgoing.  He talks in crazy voices, is not in the least bit intimidated by his brothers or their friends, is very adaptable to different situations, likes to sing, says “that’s so awesome!” at least 10x/day, bats his long dark lashes, will NOT stay in his bed at night, and is totally convinced he is 5 instead of 2.5.  His favorite toys are trucks, trailers, and boats.  And his favorite restaurant is “Wuby’s”.  He loves dogs, wearing athletic clothes, and jumping on the trampoline.  He is our little charmer.
photo jewels rockwallAfter shooting each of the boys in the house, we went outside.  The sun was dipping pretty low behind the trees and I was working so fast to get the shots I had envisioned in my mind.  I didn’t get as many as I wanted, but overall, I am satisfied!

So often, during my busy spring and fall seasons, I do not pick up my camera for my own kids.  Before this shoot, I had not really taken any of them outdoors since the summer.  It was overdue.  Time doesn’t seem to be slowing down any for me, and I know I’ve got to do a better job of capturing my little people.

I wish I was able to visit Longview more and could schedule shoots at this location – for as long as my dad owns it.   Maybe I can convince him to hang on to it.  😉  How ’bout it, Dad?  Birthday present, maybe?  Mother’s Day?  Anniversary? Just cause you like me??
photo jewels rockwall

Here’s the front elevation of the house.  It’s just so pretty & so picture perfect to me!

photo jewels rockwall

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  • Janet Finke - All I can say is these are incredible photos!!! My love for the photographer, the boys, and the words expressed go beyond anything I can write or explain, but the joy the whole package brings in mento my life is something I would share with the whole world if I but knew how.February 5, 2015 – 10:53 pmReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth - That house is amazing! Your work is beautiful!February 25, 2015 – 6:27 pmReplyCancel

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