Second Annual SENIOR SPARKLE – {rockwall photographer}

It’s May, which means it’s time for what seems to becoming a tradition around here – the SENIOR SPARKLE!  This is a fun shoot because it includes not only my current senior models, but also the up-and-coming senior models who will take their place for the following school year!

I love this tradition because the girls get to wear their gorgeous prom gowns (and who doesn’t want the chance to wear their dress more than once!?).  I ask the senior to wear long dresses, and the juniors to wear shorter party dresses.  And everyone in cowboy boots!

It’s a unique shoot because it caps the year for my current seniors…. it’s the last official photo shoot and get together we will have before they graduate. By this point in the year, these girls have done 3 other photo shoots together and many social outings.  They are comfy and confident with each other, and it’s fun to see those relationships develop over the year.

For the juniors, it’s their very first time in front of the camera together as a group.  And it’s a sort of “passing of the torch” between the older and younger girls.

I love it and think it’s a great segue into the next class of PJP senior models.

First, meet my beautiful 2016-17 senior models:  Erin, Carly, Jordan, Jayden, Katy, Caroline, Keila, and Jordan (We missed Destinee this shoot!)

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And introducing my Senior Models for 2017-2018:  Anna-Kate, Baylee, Arielle, Avery, Dylan, Cami, Camryn, Kennedy, and Sarah
It’s their first photo shoot and look how cute they already are together!Class of 2016 & 2017 together:

That’s a wrap on another amazing Senior Sparkle!

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