Sayonara Summer 2013 – {rockwall photographer}

Ummm, so how is it that summer is almost over?  I mean, really.  I feel like the kids of school.  Normally by this time of year, I am pulling my hair out, wanting them to have more structure to their days and more of a little break for me, but this time I feel differently.  Maybe it’s because we really have had such a great time these last few months.  Now with less than 2 weeks till school starts for my first grader (ummm, also still in disbelief that I could possibly have a child that old), it’s getting down to the nitty gritty.  We are trying to pack a fun activity in every day until August 26th.

Maybe I am a little nervous b/c my oldest is going to a new school and will be away from home for longer than ever before.  I am sure it’s going to feel so weird that first week, when he is gone like all day long for 5 days of the week.  But, on the other hand, I feel it’s for the best and he will have an awesome school year.  I’m already praying for his teacher and the kids that will be in his class.

So anyway, I got my “big camera” out the other day while we were all playing outside.  I made this little collage below.  This is just a teeny reminder for me of what our summer nights are about.  We swim, we play on the fort, we slide, we swing, we are active!!  I feel like my boys are getting bigger and growing faster like all of the time.  :((  Savoring all the little moments lately….

ps :::  also would like to clarify that Luke is polishing off his bottle of orange Crush in this top left photo.  (Can we say sugar overload?!)  We have a vintage coke bottle machine & the  big boys love getting ‘treats’ out of it after dinner.

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