Kenzie, Senior 2015 – {senior photographer rockwall}

Ahhhh, Kenzie! What can I say about this gal? Well, for starters, she is a senior at Rockwall Heath this year. And she is one of my Senior Models. This means that I get to know her a bit more than most of my senior clients. I love that because I think that relationship and level of comfort helps in capturing portraits that are true to the senior’s personality.

Her session is a classic example of being flexible in our unpredictable Texas weather. The weather here during the fall and winter just changes on a daily basis. You might get 75 and sunny one day, and then a high of 33, drizzly and freezing the next. Sometimes I am watching the weather HOURLY to decide whether we are going to get out there and shoot or not!

Well, in Kenzie’s case, the weather that day predicted a high of 40, misting/rain, and cloudy. Believe it or not, the forecast was actually correct! It was everything the meteorologist said it would be! I knew Kenzie had planned a backless dress for her creek setting, and I was wondering how that was all going to go down. Kenzie said she was still up for it, so we went for it. Just 10 minutes into our shoot and she was almost completely soaked from the waist down….. but not a peep of complaining was heard! I actually had to photoshop off chill bumps in many of the photos! Check out this top left photo of her….. this is lying IN the water with only her upper body and hair out of the water. I wish I had a pullback shot to show how we achieved this!  She ordered this as a BIG canvas for their home and it is GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!!  A true art piece.

The rest of the shoot went pretty smoothly until that overcast sky decided to just go DARK like about an hour earlier than normal. I was scrambling to determine how we were going to do this, since “dark” to us and “dark” to a camera is quite a bit different. Thank goodness my camera has some awesome ISO capabilities and we were able to finish up. And I think we did it quite well! We ended up with a truly artistic finish that I think checked Kenzie’s request for “different” right off her list.

Kenzie…. so thankful to have you on my team this year and I have loved getting to know you! :)))

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