In the Beginning, Part 2

This is part 2 in a series, so if you missed part 1, go back HERE to read it.

I started writing this little series because I wanted to walk myself back through the steps I took in my photography journey.  I really believe it started a long, long time ago, in my childhood, but for the sake of interest and length, I decided to start this series with the purchase of my first digital camera in 2002, my little Olympus point and shoot.  Again, if you missed that part, go back and read it here.

So… on to Part 2 of my story.

I had this really cute 1 year old boy.  He was always on the move.  And I was trying to capture the essence of him….. his expressions, his movements, his playtime, high chair escapades, playing with our dog, etc.  But my camera just wouldn’t do it.  I couldn’t seem to figure out how to get my camera to keep up with him!


Sometimes I’d get “lucky” and get a pretty decent shot around the house, like this…. (well, just ignore that it’s slightly blurry and totally grainy)…. but still a keeper b/c I love his pose and expression….

photo jewelsOther times, not so lucky….. I would say I kinda “missed the moment” here…
photo jewels

Again…. sorta missed it.  I knew EXACTLY what I wanted my camera to do, but I just couldn’t get it to work like I wanted.  It was too slow.  The delay was just too long.
photo jewelsBut every now and then, I’d catch something like this…. not a frame-worthy image…. but one where I could enjoy the soft side lighting, lack of blur, grain, etc.   And I was like “Yes! I want them all to be like this!  Now, how?”

I decided to read up a teeny bit on different controls on my  point and shoot camera…. how to manually control the flash, why I was getting more blur when I zoomed out, how to increase ISO, etc.  Except I didn’t realize how hard all of that actually was to do on a 5 year old, first generation digital camera.

I was just doing the best I could with what I had.

This was 2007 and the photography resources available online were NOTHING like they are today.  I mean, I can’t even remember, but I probably read a book, not some online article or YouTube video, to actually learn about aperture, ISO, the flash unit, etc.

Back to my dilemma.  I was getting pretty frustrated.  My little guy was constantly on the move.  He wasn’t slowing down for me to turn on my camera, click the shutter, etc.  Besides that, I really was wanting to capture MOMENTS, not stiff cheesey poses.
photo jewels


Well, guess what my dad had?  A Nikon DSLR.  I saw that thing, played with it a little, and started salivating.

I rounded up some Christmas money and went for it.

I bought my first DSLR online and got an email saying it required that I sign for it upon delivery.  I ordered the camera body, a lens and an external flash.  I don’t even remember how much it cost, but I do know it was a big price difference from my last $500 point and shoot.

But anyway, so the arrival date came.  I still remember the moment the UPS carrier lady put it IN MY HANDS.  It was mid-afternoon and I was watching Jameson play dump trucks or something in our driveway.  She handed me THE BOX and I pretty much went straight in the house to charge that battery and get to business!

Now, I am not sure I can really convey how excited I was about this.  I am not an overly-excitable/expressive person.  In fact, my husband jokes with me that I emotionally “flat-line” at times (I prefer to call it keeping an even keel).  But this wasn’t one of those times.

The minute that battery was charged, IT WAS ON.

I don’t think I have slowed down since that day – January 10, 2008.


And THAT wraps up part 2!  It takes me forever to write these things!  Part 3 coming soon…. hoping I can wrap my thoughts up in that post, but if not, get ready for part 4 I guess!


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