Henry, Newborn – {rockwall photographer}

Umm, yeah, so it’s been quite a while since I last blogged.  In fact, it looks like it was last in mid July, and now here we are in early Sept.  Well, life happens.  This summer we traveled like craziness.  I’m all for trips, but I actually got to the point where I said “No more! I am staying home until school starts!”  I am really sort of a homebody anyway, so I guess no big surprise there.

So after summer came back to school time.  This year I’ve got two in elementary school, and making that transition has been no walk in the park.  On top of that, I thought, hey, let’s just add to the madness, and get a new puppy!  Now, he is the cutest, sweetest puppy you’ve ever laid eyes on, but he is every bit of a 4th child for me!  More on him later.  Tomorrow I start my weekend of Senior Model Shoots, so I’m attempting to get a few more blog posts up before I officially launch into fall sessions.

If you actually read this far, let’s get to Henry.  He was such a beautiful baby boy with that head of hair!  He is actually cousins with the kids that are posted right before this (scroll down).  He was born while we were at their photo shoot!  As always, it is amazing to be chosen to capture a family getting to welcome their new baby….. 🙂


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