Fall Family Fashion Part 3 ::: Keepin’ It Chill – {photographers in rockwall}

Day 3, here we go!

Today’s look is called Keepin’ it Chill.  Simple, classic pieces that will totally allow the focus to stay on YOU and your FAMILY.  Slightly more muted than Day 1 or Day 2, the cooler colors like blues & greys lend themselves to a more wintry appeal.  Minimal patterns & clean lines make for a non-fussy approach to your look for your photo session.  Denim shirts & khakis are timeless pieces that are in just about everyone’s wardrobes.  The leopard print leggings for sister snaz it up a bit and keep it from being boring.

These colors would work well on almost any skin tone and any hair color, from brunette to blond.  If you wanted to add a little color, Mom could accentuate with a more colorful necklace, and undershirts in a brighter color could go under brother’s and dad’s shirts.

With these lighter colors though, be careful about putting too much cream on a baby or child that is very fair & very blonde, as it can wash them out.



Tomorrow I will be posting the final installment for my little fashion week here on the blog! Please be sure to check back. And if you missed day 1 or day 2, click HERE and HERE for more inspiration!



Photographers…. you are welcome to link to my site if you feel that your clients would benefit from my fashion posts this week. Please do not crop out my logo on the board. Please do not steal any text or images from this post or this site. Stealing is not cool. And it’s illegal.

Sources: Dad – old navy, gap; Mom – H&M, old navy, anthropologie; girl – jcrew, gap; boy – gap, crewcuts

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