Deserving Mom – {rockwall photographer}

I’ve been working on posting some shots from our deserving mom’s family photo session, but just am posting this little teaser for now. Here are a couple from the salon when Lori got a little pampering by Meagan.

Meanwhile, like at all beauty shops, there was plenty of chatting going on. Here, Meagan reacts to the news of “Yes, I have six kids. Two boys, four girls. I homeschool. My hubby is in seminary & works a full time job. I do laundry every day. I get stared at and asked questions at the grocery store when all the kids are with me. I am super mom.” Ok, Lori didn’t really say that last part, but might as well have!

rockwall photographer

The 3 of us…  as a side note, I do have more hair than what it looks like here.  I showed up straight from the tball fields.  Ewww.

Check back tomorrow to see how amazingly well her 6 little ones did at their session…

rockwall photographer

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