Carly, Senior 2016 – {senior photographer rockwall}

Carly Carly Carly!  This lovely girl is as pretty on the inside as the outside.  Another one of my senior models throughout the year, she always brought a smiley, fun element to the group and would always play up whatever I was asking the group to do.  Plus she has this sort of open semi-blunt candidness that would always make us laugh.

Funny story… During our shoot we saw a poor older man get drug into the creek by his dog.  He had cuts on his arm, his dog took off, and both shoes were floating away down the creek.  We tried to help him, but he insisted he was ok.  Then he proceeded to hang on to ivy and attempt to ascend the steep embankment.  Ummm, that was interesting.  We felt bad for him but it was also pretty funny too (once we knew he wasn’t truly hurt).  He told us that wasn’t the first time that had happened.  Umm, ok?!


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