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It’s May, which means it’s time for what seems to becoming a tradition around here – the SENIOR SPARKLE!  This is a fun shoot because it includes not only my current senior models, but also the up-and-coming senior models who will take their place for the following school year!

I love this tradition because the girls get to wear their gorgeous prom gowns (and who doesn’t want the chance to wear their dress more than once!?).  I ask the senior to wear long dresses, and the juniors to wear shorter party dresses.  And everyone in cowboy boots!

It’s a unique shoot because it caps the year for my current seniors…. it’s the last official photo shoot and get together we will have before they graduate. By this point in the year, these girls have done 3 other photo shoots together and many social outings.  They are comfy and confident with each other, and it’s fun to see those relationships develop over the year.

For the juniors, it’s their very first time in front of the camera together as a group.  And it’s a sort of “passing of the torch” between the older and younger girls.

I love it and think it’s a great segue into the next class of PJP senior models.

First, meet my beautiful 2016-17 senior models:  Erin, Carly, Jordan, Jayden, Katy, Caroline, Keila, and Jordan (We missed Destinee this shoot!)

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And introducing my Senior Models for 2017-2018:  Anna-Kate, Baylee, Arielle, Avery, Dylan, Cami, Camryn, Kennedy, and Sarah
It’s their first photo shoot and look how cute they already are together!Class of 2016 & 2017 together:

That’s a wrap on another amazing Senior Sparkle!

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Check out Ali’s amazing session!  She and her mom put some thought into things and we were able to incorporate some favorite things into her shoot.  I love getting to include items that are personal or tell a story through the photos without making it cheezy!  Ali has been longboarding for years and so it seemed natural to include that in her shoot. LOVED the different looks we did for hair.  Oh, which reminds me…. all of my senior girls have the option to add on-location hair and makeup to their sessions.  My custom artist not only comes to your home to the original hair and makeup (HMU), but also tags along on-set and changes your look with every outfit.  Pretty cool…. always makes me wish I was a HS senior again!

After a little thinking, I came up with a location that I felt like could meet all of her “wants” for her shoot…. water, longboarding, her camera, and the drama of her prom gown at the end.  Ali is an artist herself, so whenever I hear that, it always makes me wanna push things a little further than I might otherwise.

In this case, that meant pushing things into the dark.  It was literally like so dark at the end, that all the cars passing by had headlights on.  We were around this pond and long grass and I just knew a big nasty snake was going to crawl across my foot or something.  Anyway, along with dark comes cool silhouettes…. and just kinda a more hazy editing look that I had fun with!

Enough from me… enjoy Ali!  Oh, and she’s off to Baylor this fall (Sic’em!)




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Mackenzie is a creative superstar who did not want to be put in a box!  I think you could probably guess that with her vibrant red hair?!?  Anyway, even though we started out with her gorgeous gatsby-themed prom gown, she really wanted to juxtapose it with a more natural, woodsy landscape.  Then the rest of her shoot was dedicated to just capturing her unique style.  Check out her last rockabilly themed look…. love, love it!  She totally pulled it off perfectly.  She’s off to study art at OU this fall.  🙂

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Madison is another one of my seniors who traveled from the opposite side of the metroplex for her senior shoot.  Most of the time, when clients make an hour or two drive, it’s because they tell me they’re wanting something different than what all of their friends are doing.  And I am always so flattered to be chosen, because there is no shortage of amazing senior photographers to choose from the DFW area!

Madison is one of those lucky girls with dark hair and light eyes… not a very common combination, but one that I think is so pretty!  Madison is always smiling and happy, too!  And I loved her clothing choices… lots of embroidery, lace, and some darker shades at the end that just make her eyes pop.  She’s off to Texas Tech in the fall.  🙂


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Kyleigh!  This girl traveled all the way from Glen Rose for her senior shoot.  A few years back, she lived in Rockwall, and that is where she first heard about my senior work.  Even though they moved almost 2 hours away after that, she and her mom still came back to Rockwall for this special shoot.  And I’m so glad she did!  Kyleigh is pretty inside and out, and has a heart for worldwide missions.  In fact, last I saw, she was in Uganda!   I know this was a dream of hers, so it’s awesome to see it come to be reality for her.  She’s going to do amazing things!

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Ahhh, beautiful Jordyn!  This shoot was so fun… partly because her mom is a hoot, and partly because my hair & makeup artist, Amy, is too!  Between the two of them, I think we laughed pretty much the whole time.  Jordyn is a Wylie East senior who is headed off to play collegiate soccer this fall (so she’s like way talented!).  She has such a pretty smile & a sweet spirit too & ummm, check out her flawless olive skin!  🙂  So glad she chose me for her senior shoot!

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Meet Kayley! This senior had such a classy style about her & a beautiful smile!  We found this gorgeous park to begin our shoot, then we moved to a cityscape for her last 2 outfits. Each of her looks was so put-together and I think reflected her personality as well. I loved her hair for the last outfit… check it out!  She’s off to her dream school – SMU – in the fall!


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Carly Carly Carly!  This lovely girl is as pretty on the inside as the outside.  Another one of my senior models throughout the year, she always brought a smiley, fun element to the group and would always play up whatever I was asking the group to do.  Plus she has this sort of open semi-blunt candidness that would always make us laugh.

Funny story… During our shoot we saw a poor older man get drug into the creek by his dog.  He had cuts on his arm, his dog took off, and both shoes were floating away down the creek.  We tried to help him, but he insisted he was ok.  Then he proceeded to hang on to ivy and attempt to ascend the steep embankment.  Ummm, that was interesting.  We felt bad for him but it was also pretty funny too (once we knew he wasn’t truly hurt).  He told us that wasn’t the first time that had happened.  Umm, ok?!

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